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Mulching and planting

At Jasmine Landscape LLC, we offer complete mulching and planting services to enhance the appearance and health of your landscape. Both mulching and proper planting are key elements to maintaining a vibrant and thriving landscape.

Our mulching and planting services include:

Mulching: We apply a layer of organic mulch around your plants and trees to provide numerous benefits. Mulch helps conserve moisture in the soil, reduce weed growth, regulate soil temperature and improve soil structure. It also adds a clean, polished look to your landscape. We use high quality mulch that is tailored to the specific needs of your landscape.

Soil Preparation: Before planting new flowers, shrubs or trees, we prepare the soil properly. This involves assessing the quality of the soil and incorporating necessary amendments to improve its structure and fertility. Proper soil preparation provides a favorable environment for plant growth and helps establish plants successfully.

Plant selection and planting: We advise you on the selection of suitable plants for your landscape, taking into account factors such as climate, soil type and aesthetic preferences. Our team takes care of the correct planting of the plants, ensuring that they are placed at the right depth and distance. We can also provide guidance on the aftercare of the plants to ensure their healthy growth.

Flower bed maintenance: Once the plants are in place, we take care of maintaining the flower beds. This can include removing weeds, pruning wilted flowers, proper watering and applying fertilizer when necessary. We make sure your flower beds stay attractive and healthy all season long.

Landscape Renovation: If your current landscape is in need of a renovation or upgrade, we can assist you with reconfiguring and replanting specific areas. Whether you want to add new plants, change bed layouts, or create new features, we will work with you to transform your landscape to your desires.

At Jasmine Landscape LLC, we are passionate about mulching and proper planting to enhance the beauty and health of your landscape. Trust us to provide professional mulching and planting services to suit your needs and goals. Contact us today to discuss your mulching and planting projects.

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