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Lawn maintenance

At Jasmine Landscape LLC, we offer complete lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn looking its best year-round. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, green, lush lawn that enhances the beauty and appeal of your outdoor space.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

Lawn Mowing: We take care of mowing your lawn regularly and accurately to keep it at the proper height. We use professional equipment and proper mowing techniques for uniform, professional-looking results.

Fertilization: We apply quality fertilizers to provide the necessary nutrients that promote healthy lawn growth. Our team will evaluate your lawn’s specific needs and develop a customized fertilization program to keep it vigorous and resilient.

Weed Control: We take care of controlling unwanted weeds that may invade your lawn. We use effective and safe methods to eliminate weeds and prevent their spread, keeping your lawn clean and free of unwanted competition.

Irrigation and drainage: We ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of water for its health and development. We perform proper irrigation, adjusting the frequency and duration according to your lawn’s needs. In addition, we can evaluate and improve drainage on your property to prevent waterlogging problems and ensure a healthy lawn.

Aeration and scarification: We perform lawn aeration and scarification to improve air circulation, reduce soil compaction and promote healthy root growth. These practices also help the turf better absorb water and nutrients.

Pest and disease control: We are prepared to identify and control any pests or diseases that may affect the health of your lawn. We use integrated pest control methods and appropriate treatments to keep your lawn protected.

At Jasmine Landscape LLC, we care about the health and beauty of your lawn. Trust us to provide quality lawn maintenance that keeps your lawn vibrant and lush year-round. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn maintenance services and schedule a consultation.

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